We are a professional membership organization of state asphalt associations that support the advancement, education, and promotion of asphalt pavements.

Our goal is to promote cooperation among the various state associations by continued communication and education, from how best to run our associations to new technology and the continued improvement of materials. The future of the asphalt pavement industry, in part, is tied to improving mixes, and a great deal of our discussions focus on quality products and the latest technology. 

While the challenges within our industry may be different from decades ago, they are equally important and, from our perspective, require collective thoughts and input to solve.

We have grown from a small handful of members to our current thirty-nine member associations. We meet twice each year, in person, but constantly communicate to discuss and share best practices from each association that speaks to our focus as association leaders and that of the industry we serve.

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Our Team


Executive Director


John Hickey, P.E. Esq.
Executive Director

Asphalt Pavement Association of Oregon


Russell Snyder, CAE
Executive Director

California Asphalt Pavement Association


Kevin Burke
Executive DirectorVICE PRESIDENT

Illinois Asphalt Pavement Association


Keving Monaco
Executive Director

New Jersey Asphalt Pavement Association

Our current executive team comes from across the U.S., giving our board a broad industry perspective.